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Crystal Clear™ HD Packing Tape - 2" x 60 yrds

Clear Pkg Tape - 2" x 60 yrds 6/ box, 36 in master case

This heavy-duty storage grade tape packs way more boxes, with way less tape.  The thickness and elasticity of the tape ensure cartons are sealed tight.  Unlike cheap dollar store brands, your customers will rarely need to use more than one strip of tape over the carton seams.  Your customers will use WAY LESS TAPE, spend LESS TIME, and avoid the FRUSTRATION of using other cheap tape that easily tears or splits.

ALSO: storage grade tape is designed to resist degradation from humidity and temperature extremes.  Your customers may move out in summer, but move the boxes from your storage facility to the new home in winter.  This tape is BUILT TO DO THE JOB. Your customers will love you for recommending they purchase lots of high quality heavy-duty tape.  

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