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Newsprint 5LB in Dispenser Box

SKU: CNP243605

This large box (approx. 5 LB) features 24" x 36" clean, unprinted newsprint.  Why should your customers purchase this NEWSPRINT versus using old used recycled newspapers?

1)  Recycled newspapers have printers ink, which is acidic.  When your customers unpack the boxes in the new home, the dishes and glasses will be smeared with ink. 

2)  Printers ink is ACIDIC.  Over time it can etch/score the surface of china, permanently damaging family heirlooms.

This Newsprint in the dispenser box is fast and easy to usewon't damage your customers goods, and the extra can be kept in the dispenser box for craft projects later on.  Great for lining bird cage and other pet use

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