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Small Mirror Box

SKU: ZBCB00056
DIMENSIONS 37 x 3.42 x 32 Sold Bundles (10) or Skid (130)

The SMALL MIRROR BOX is sold in Retail as a 1 piece box, and the TOP PIECE is the part you receive.  It is designed to pack small mirrors and framed artwork.  Before packing mirrors or artwork, recommend that your customers wrap the items in bubble wrap (see recommendation on right side of screen).  

The 24" or 48" rolls of 3/16" bubble wrap are SUPER EASY TO USE (and DESIGNED for this application).  Simply lay down a layer of the bubble wrap on the floor, then lay down the mirror or artwork on top.  Continue to wrap the bubble wrap over and around the mirror/artwork.  As many layers as are necessary to ensure adequate protection during the move.



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