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Space Saver Wardrobe w/Bar (fits in car)

SKU: ZBCB00044
DIMENSIONS 24 x 24 x 42 SOLD Individually or SKID (50)

The wardrobe box your customers can FIT IN THE BACKSEAT OF THE CAR:)  Designed to pack suits, shirts, pants, dresses, everything your customers have in their Wardrobe.  Comes with the wardrobe bar attached (clothes hang from this).

OTHER USES:  Your customers can use to store out-of-season clothes.  In Spring, your customers store their winter clothes in the wardrobe box and store away in their basement or your storage facility.  In the Autumn, store the spring/summer clothes and repeat the cycle.  Recommend this to your customers and you are helping them to get better mileage from their closet space, and they will LOVE YOU FOR IT!

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