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Stretch Wrap 305mm x 450m

SKU: CSS981512

Stretch wrap is an UNSUNG HERO of the moving industry.  Use stretch to:

Wrap furniture (BUT only if moving directly from one home to another though....for storage furniture should ONLY BE WRAPPED in PackRite furniture covers to eliminate risk of mildew or mould damage)  See RELATED PRODUCTS

Secure dresser drawers (so drawers don't need to be unpacked for moving day - this saves your customers TIME and MONEY)

Hold together components like nuts and bolts, speaker wires, other small objects...then stretch wrap them to the item they belong to.

Wrap items such as stereo speakers to protect during the move.

Wrap up sandwiches for a little moving day snack (a joke, but seriously, you could do this)

A million other uses.....

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